Missing Classmates List

If you have Information on How to contact The people On this list, Please click on the Contact us Tab

The people on this list are important to us all, we would like to see everyone at our reunion,

Finding all 581 classmates is a Huge Time consuming Job that Is Still going on now.Some of the people are on facebook , and some we have not had the time yet to research.Some we have old addresses. The classmates with question marks we have no data at all. We have only 152 more to go.

Acosta Martin
Adams Vincent T
Anderson Amy V
Babekian Vanouki
Baker Rachel
Banuelos Jose
Barales Isabel
Brooks Robert P
Brooks Eugene
Brown Henry L
Brown Howard
Castro Jose
Clark David J
Clein Gerald B
Commar Jane M
Courtney Kevin p
Crawford Kim R
Crosby Zena L
Demin Mieke
Eatmon Christoph M
Fernandez Reuben M
Fletcher – Siegel Laura Ellen
Flood Scott C
Ford Annette
Galindo Patricia
Garbrier Kim
Garcia Adrianna
Garcia Edgardo
Gates Angela
Gilmore Corey
Gonzales Edgardo
Graham Alfred
Graham – Tallai Sheila
Grant Donna
Green Edward S
Hall Judy
Hamilton Heather A lives in Australia
Harris Annette
Higgins Trent A
Hricko Phillip J
Hunt Ada F
Iverson Eric D
James David A
Jones Nicholas L
Jones Renee T
Jones Shari G
Jones Theresa A
Jones Tracis
Kassardjian Varoujan A
Kato Junko F
Kindle Sonja
King Joyce
King Darrell L
Knowles David
Lee William
Littman – White Jennifer
Marotta Michael H
Mathis Delbert
Martinez – Canada Annette S
Martinson Francis
Mayfield Tommy R
Maywether Yvonne
McCrary Claude D
McDaniel Melvin L
McMahan Timothy D
Menezes Miguel A
Meyer Alice
Miller Anthony L
Miller Lawrence
Mitchel Patrick K
Moore Constance L
Moore Deborah A
Mora Salvador E
Morse Paul
Movsesian Maral
Mudzukyan Adelina
Mundan William A
Munoz Adelaide
Murasaki Kiyoshi J
Ngo Quoc B
Nicholas Ernest
Norris Stephen E
Nutter Walter R
Oda Kean T
Osborne Cheryl D
Park Kimberly S
Parker Allen
Patrick Michael
 Perez Marie
Perkins Mary-Ann
Pitts Kirk
Porter Shay
Powell Robert A
Powers Michael J
Pullins Charlotte D
Ramirez Alejandro
Ramirez David
Ramsay Dawn M
Ratteray Gailya F
Reed Clayton B
Reed Michael B ???? ???
Reyes Juan I
Richardson Darnell
Ridenour David ??
Robinson Katie J
Robinson – Kennedy Katie
Rocha Maria D
Sanchez Jeanette
Sanchez Jorge
Scanian David
Sharpe Tammie R
Shay Andre P
Simms Melanie B
Simms - Banks Kelly
Sinclair Larry
Smith Curtis D
Smith Richard B
Smith Rita C
Smith Kim
Stack Jason
Stephens Reckkita V
Stewart La Shon R
Stone Aaron R
Stovall Wendi
Stratton Clifford L
Struthers Julia D
Thomas Charles A
Thomas Kevin E
Thompson Bernice
Thompson Dwayne B
Tillman Jacquetta S
Towns Donna A
Trask Digette N
Trotter Sheree C
Turner Sylvia L
Van Valkenburgh Mike D
Waheed Anessah
wells-Beggs Kelly K
White Jay P
White Katrina
White-Johnson Fontella
White-Litman Samuel M
Williams Cathy A
Williams Charay L
Williams David
Williams Joyce A
Williams Kendall
Wilson Cedric
Wilson Leslie R
Wroblos-Morse Paul M
Young Catharia L


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